\\ˈkärbəˌnȯl, -ōl\ noun (-s)
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary carbin- (from obsolete German karbin methyl, from karb- carb- + -in) + -ol; originally formed as German karbinol
1. : methanol — used especially in the names of alcohols derived from methanol


2. : an alcohol derived from methanol

* * *

/kahr"beuh nawl', -nol'/, n.
2. an alcohol derived from methyl alcohol.
[1860-70; < G Karbinol, equiv. to Karbin methyl (karb- CARB- + -in -IN2) + -ol -OL1]

* * *

carbinol Chem.
[f. carbon n. + -ol (the ending of alcohol, used to indicate an analogous compound).]
A generic name introduced by Kolbe c 1868 for the monatomic alcohols.
Simple Carbinol is methyl alcohol or wood spirit (taken as COH.H3), a compound of 1 atom of carbon with 1 of hydroxyl OH, and 3 of replaceable hydrogen, any one or more of which may be replaced by the same number of alcohol radicals, the name or names of which are prefixed. When only one hydrogen atom is replaced, the carbinol is a ‘primary alcohol’, as methyl carbinol COH.H2.CH3 = ethyl or ordinary alcohol, C2H5OH; ethyl carbinol COH.H2.C2H5 = propyl alcohol C3H7OH. When two atoms of hydrogen are replaced, the carbinol includes the ‘secondary alcohols’ as dimethyl carbinol COH.H.(CH3)2 = secondary propyl alcohol C3H8O; methyl-propyl-carbinol COH.H.CH3.C3H7. When all three atoms of hydrogen are replaced, the carbinol includes the ‘tertiary alcohols’, as trimethyl carbinol COH.(CH3)3= tertiary butyl alcohol C4H10OH, dimethyl-ethyl-carbinol COH.(CH3)2.C2H5. The nomenclature of the complicated members as carbinols is more simple and definite than as alcohols.

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